Welcome To Restorative Justice At UC Berkeley

Welcome To The Restorative Justice Center

The Restorative Justice Center develops and supports opportunities for campus and community members to learn about and embrace the principles and practices of Restorative Justice…….Learn More About our mission



The RJC offers various services that promote restorative justice on campus and in the community.


We Facilitate Community Building Circles, Harm Circles and Celebratory    Circles to unite communities, reduce harm, and mend relationships.

We also facilitate Restorative Justice Conferences, which promotes the collective development of structured action plans that address more serious infractions.  These conferences are in collaboration with the person who harmed, the person harmed and the community affected by the harm.


Training and Development

Creating a Restorative Justice culture on campus is contingent upon providing certified training to students, faculty and staff.


Each semester, we will offer free training and certification to become restorative justice circle keepers and conference facilitators.

The newly trained circle keepers will have the opportunity to hold circles in their communities, create new dialogue, solving problems, and building bridges along the way.



Restorative Justice has a rich history embedded deep within indigenous cultures around the world.


The San Francisco Bay Area is home to a growing movement toward restorative practices in classrooms, jails, and courthouses.  There are a number organizations who are spearheading this movement.  You can find more details about their work here

For those who would like to learn more about the origins of Restorative Justice or locate Peer Reviewed research on related topics, check out this page.


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